Everyone has a favourite team or player in the world of football. There’s a fine line between the good and the best though. This list will go through some of the top players out there and what they have achieved to earn such a title. It takes lots of practice and the utmost persistent dedication.


Luis Suarez

Luis plays the role of being a striker and even though some may not think he is great, it doesn’t mean that he is any less than the others out there. With proving his abilities by dominating the penalty box and overcoming any obstacles that may want to take him on face to face, he is a force to be reckoned with. When he kicks that ball too, everyone should be prepared because when he takes that chance, there is always a huge possibility of overthrowing any opponent in the way. When playing alongside his teammates, you can be sure that it’s a team who sticks together and makes history. If you ever get the opportunity to watch him, you will see how he puts in all of the effort that anyone can have into that game to make it to the finish and come out victorious. He plays for the team of Uruguay and F.C. Barcelona.


It comes as no surprise when you hear this player’s name in the top lists of the best players. For Neymar has been practicing and playing football since the age of seventeen and it was also professional, not just the casual. If you want to know more, he has also scored a lot more points than the other great players known as Messi and Ronaldo. Rumour also has it that once Messi might step down or if he becomes less of a frequent player, that Neymar will be probably the best at everything. Just a couple of years ago during the year of 2016, they have named him captain of his own team for his brilliant performances. You can be sure that the team in Brazil is in good hands for their future competitions. He plays for Brazil and for F.C. Barcelona.


Manuel Neuer

Manuel has the great occupation of being the world’s best goalkeeper. There is a difference by being confident and being too confident and Manuel is one of those who has just enough confidence good enough to make it to the top. Just like Luis, he is also very good at experience that require face to face encounters during the game. However, that is not necessarily what he is known for, he has his own sleeve of tricks. These are such as being a very good saver because of his reflexes, for nothing can get past him. If anyone thinks about tricking him during the game, they will probably be very mistaken in the end. He has lead his team from Germany to the victory line and beat Argentina with no exertion. He plays for for his German team and for F.C. Bayern Munich.

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