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Since 1974, EGL International has demonstrated its expertise in gemology and diamond certification using the most updated technology and laboratory equipment. We evaluate your diamonds and precious stones with the highest standards of precision in gathering all the required data for certification. The internationally recognized EGL International Diamond Report is your diamond’s DNA.

Our mission is to leave no doubt about the true value of your diamond

A Diamond Certificate is official documentation of your gem’s quality and main attributes: its Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight, which are known in the diamond industry as the 4 Cs.

Diamond and diamond jewelry appraisals are based on grading report results, the approximate market value and the replacement value in the event of theft or loss.

EGL International Laboratories now prints its QR code on its diamond reports, becoming the world's first diamond grading institute to issue certificates with its company QR code.

EGL International is a friend of the Diamond Development Initiative, an organization dedicated to the advancement of diamond mining regions in Africa.


Latest News

Israel Bourse Postpones Summer Edition Of International Diamond Week
Tue, 2014-08-26

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has decided to postpone the summer edition of the International Diamond Week which was due to take place on September 1-4.
The IDE cited the continuing fighting in the region as the chief reason for the postponement.
In a statement IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said: "In view of the recent events in our region, the board of the Israel Diamond Exchange decided to postpone the International Diamond Week, originally scheduled to be held September 1-4, for several weeks.

Blue Nile’s Q2 Results Struggle Due To Higher Prices Of Polished Diamonds
Sun, 2014-08-10

Internet diamond and jewelry retailer Blue Nile posted a 1.3 percent decline for the second quarter ended June 29 from a year earlier in net sales to $106.6 million. The e-tailing giant said it had been impacted by rising polished diamond prices.
The company reported that net sales of engagement in the United States for the second quarter declined by 4.6 percent to $60.9 million, while U.S. non-engagement net sales were up 2.6 percent to $27.7 million.

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