On May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down the PASPA law, which meant that the states were allowed to legalize sports gambling. Although gambling is now legal under the US federal law, significant restrictions are still prohibiting online gambling.

Online Gambling in the US

One topic that is of interest to many US citizens is whether or not online gambling is legal somewhere in the United States. Apparently, the US Justice Department has recently decided to forbid all forms of online gambling by reversing the Wire Act that applied only to sports betting.

In December 2011, the US Department of Justice issued an opinion on the Wire Act that fundamentally allowed every form of online gambling, except sports betting. This has changed the legal effect of the Wire Act, and multiple US states started launching intrastate online lottery, poker, and casino operations within their border.

Since the 2011 decision, Nevada, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey have launched various forms of online gambling markets. Operators in Pennsylvania are grasping at straws by providing a limitless supply of promo codes. Take Caesars casino for example — 2019 Caesars casino promo code can be found all over the web, but gamblers in the US are hesitant to break the newly-reconstructed federal law.

By reversing a course from 2011, US authorities have forbidden all online gambling activities that include interstate transactions. This could shut down not only poker, casino, and lottery offerings, but also hurt Fantasy Sports leagues that have grown in recent years.

Even if the wagering takes place in States where it’s legal to perform gambling activities, if the transaction is routed into another state, it will violate the Wire Act.

Current Opposition

The US DOJ’s decision to prohibit the online transmission of wagers across state line has left established brick-and-mortar casinos feeling a bit uneasy. While the online gambling convenience has much to offer to its customers, casinos have much more to lose.

Furthermore, there is a growing concern that crime might re-infiltrate into the industry, after a hard-fought battle was waged to eradicate it back in the 80s and the 90s.

The opposition was leading a massive campaign to prevent online gambling by highlighting the potential dangers posed if it is legalized. Apparently, they have expressed concern that criminals might use online gambling to launder money.  

What Comes Next?

Whether or not a player wants to gamble online is entirely their decision. The number of people who have been prosecuted for online gambling is still zero, but we recommend caution as the US authorities will most likely employ drastic measures to eradicate online gambling.

Although online gambling in the US has still been in murky waters of complex legislation, this position is far from ideal for American gamblers. They will still be able to gamble online, just not with the operators addressed in the US.

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