Luck plays a big factor in everything. Whether you are walking down the street and a pot falls from a nearby building, missing you by just a little, or you hear that tire screech and a car stops just in front of you, luck can make the difference, where skill and reflexes are simply not given enough time to show.

When betting or gambling, luck is the only thing that makes you do better or worse. Well, in some situations, there is skill involved, but oftentimes, skill can be viewed as something illegal (counting cards, for example). That leaves even those with the most knowledge about probability with just luck. Often, casinos and bookmakers have promotional content, like this Casino Luck bonus, for instance.

As chance would have it, James Maddison, the attacking midfielder for Leicester City couldn’t resist one of those casinos. He was spotted in a casino, when the England national team was playing. In spite of that, he will still be playing on the national team. Here is more on that story.

Sent to Rest – Found in a Casino

James Maddison was not feeling all too well during the match versus Czech Republic. Gareth Southgate, legendary footballer and manager of the England national team, sent Maddison home, earlier and far from the rest of the team. One of the reasons for this was due to the illness and the second, a bit more practical. A sick footballer can make the entire team sick. But, much to everyone’s surprise, he was found to be in a casino while England was playing, when he was supposed to be resting. The reactions to this were mixed, as expected, some condemning the action, others shrugging. Going to a casino is not a crime, even for a footballer. Being found sports betting would be so much different. For Maddison’s sake, he was found in a casino.

You Gamble – You Win

Maddison, while found to be gambling in a casino, was not in any way fined. Not only that, but he still gets to play on the England national team. The reasoning behind this is very simple, he is still a very good player. The actions are not condoned by the national team, nor the manager, who said that the decision was not great, but being the footballer that he is, not playing would be worse than playing.

Gambling is, however, a highly addictive activity and anybody considering it should note that gambling does not mean you will win, nor that you might win, even though you eventually would. A streak of luck can end very quickly, and a streak of loss might not end. If you are not a professional footballer, you should be careful with gambling, and even more so if you are. Your reputation might be ruined, not to mention all the millions you might lose. Gambling, while entertaining, should be approached seriously and with a sound and clear head.

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