We usually enjoy exhibition matches and tournaments. Sometimes, we try to synchronize our daily obligations to play a match outside. However, there are times when one is out of luck. I’ve spent many an afternoon without football or friends around, just sitting at my computer reading everything from penguin facts to the 777 casino review.

While I did learn some fresh facts, like that penguins court each other with pebbles and that 777 has awesome bonuses, it still didn’t quench my thirst for football. Fortunately, I have come across several online games to help tie me over until the next match. For your benefit and mine, I have made a list of four games to help pass the time. Enjoy!

Football Superstars

You know how you have some friends that play MMORPGs? They keep bragging about their achievements and rage against those that foiled them in their endeavors. This is your chance to experience what they were talking about.

Football Superstars is a free-to-play MMO, meaning that you get to play with people from all over the world. Goodbye, long hours and days of postponing matches with your friends due to work and the long commute. Hello, virtual football players. You control one player on the pitch and other players around you are human as well, though the goalie is always controlled by AI. You can join a Player Managed Club if you really want to feel like you are a part of an online team.


My friend Bob loved this one because it reminded him of the games in the GTA series. This is a browser game about football that has next to nothing to do with the actual game of football. In the game, you control a hooligan and run around interesting locations in search for things to destroy and mark your territory. Apart from NPCs, you can also attack vehicles, as well as other players.

Another feature is to lead an organized attack against an opposing team’s fans. While this game is entertaining and helps let off some steam, it is not suitable for children, due to its violent content.

Football Chairman

This game is perfect for mobile users who prefer strategy over action on the field. You take the role of the team Chairman, with complete control over team members, strategies, trades, hiring and firing managers, and the like. If you choose to go with the Pro version, you get to take over other teams, create your own leagues, and you will never stop being Chairman.

The difference between the basic game and the Pro version is that the basic game is free, while the Pro version costs around three quid. Football Chairman is available for iOS and Android.

Jumpers for Goalposts 5

This is the latest installment of the popular flash game that lets you take control of a player and score against a multitude of opponents. The trick here is that you don’t exactly run around, but focus on your skill of clicking at the most opportune moment. It is actually harder, that it sounds, as the game requires your utmost precision.

The beautiful thing about this online game is that it’s a flash game, which means that, though it is simple, you don’t need to purchase anything, nor do you have to sign up using your email address.

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