If we want to get anywhere by learning of football and the history behind it, it should be with a patient mind because there is much to learn. England was the very place that football was created and where it all started. During the year of 1863, it was first made into a game as a real sport. However, back in 1581, there have been reports of football being played even back then during school hours. It was so similar to football that it is known as that. Football has been around even during the 1300s, or at least for sure, the name of “football” has. England also has some of the oldest football clubs in the world, and now we all know why. If you’re a true fan of this sport, visiting England would be a good thing to do and to see the home of this game.


Where it all Started

Because of the playing of football in public schools, England was very interested in it and codified it. England started all of it. They have tried many rules and new things to make it even more interesting. In 1863, they finally decided on the true rules of the game and it was loved by all. Also, which we know as the first trophy and the oldest of football, would be the Youdan Cup during the year of 1867 in England. France was introduced to football during 1863 and have since then adapted to it and have come to love it just as everyone else did. On the fifth of March on the year 1870, England held its very first international football match which have ended in a draw which was more mysterious to most than good. The Football Association have arranged this ordeal.

What Happened Next?

Most thought it would be a good and wise decision to put more out there to spice things up a bit from the usual. This lead to the opening of the Football League which took place during the year of 1888. For more competitions than the norm- this was necessary. Also during the 1950s the type of modernized English football became more of the normal routine for football players. Also during the 1970s, the Everton have claimed the title of being the league champions. Chelsea which is very widely known around the world had also won big, which would be the FA Cup and was their very first one.



These were a very successful group which have won at least eight league titles with ease to make the opposing team think pretty hard. Alongside these amazing victories would be a few European, FA and League Cups. Kevin Keegan had a huge help in the leading victories by being the leading striker during the 1970s. Things only got better for them during the 1980s with Ian Rush who was another great striker and Craig Johnston who was a midfielder. They both made it look so easy, and so did Steve Nicol who was the defender who had no effort in keeping the unwanted away.

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