The Football Association has been around since football itself. They exist to keep the game clean and fair for everyone. The future of football integrity is in their hands. The rules are here to apply to everyone including the players, the officials and everyone in the club staff. Here are a few updates that are included since the first of August 2014.


What Could Those Changes Be?

These changes concern these categories: National League, Women’s Super League, Football league, Premier League, Northern, Southern and Isthmian leagues and other participants which are not included in the listed categories. The rule is that it is absolutely prohibited for them to bet, both directly and indirectly on any and all football matches and competitions that could possibly take place anywhere in the world.

These updates to the rules also include a worldwide ban on betting on any and all football-related matter. This includes all player transfers, team selections and manager employments. Inside information should be kept protected and never distributed to the third party who uses it for betting purposes.


This matter is treated extremely seriously in the betting industry. All cases of match fixing have to be reported to the FA. If someone fails to report that they have been approached for this purpose, charges might be filed against them. Generally, match-fixing will result in a charge by FA and in some cases a lifetime ban might be in the cards.

Another important point is that accepting bribes is very forbidden and very serious. If caught and proven guilty, it will not end up well for anybody involved. Result manipulation in any way has very big consequences as well. It should never be practiced by any party.


No Player can Bet on Football

Many players think that they can easily get away with betting. It is widely available, anybody can bet from their phone or on any computer, possibly under a fake name or using someone else’s profile. In theory, many players do place bets on matches they don’t really care about, however, it does put them at a risk of getting caught. As any outing in the betting wonderland puts them closer to getting caught and charged. It is a gamble within a gamble whether they might be spotted or not. Rules are strict and they apply to every player.

It all starts with a simple bet in hopes for financial gain. While some think they have the inside info they shouldn’t have in the first place, others are of the opinion that they are fixing things up and making a profit on the way; all of these cases should be reported to FA and even remote matches should be out of reach. Both FIFA and FA rules are in place and being monitored constantly. In recent years we can see that some high profile players being fined and some even suspended for a limited time due to this very breach of FA rules. Yet it surely still is tempting to participate in betting.

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