These are the top five news sites to get your football news on. They all have a great ways of expressing just what you want to hear from your favourite sport.

  1. The Guardian Sports
  • The Guardian comes in at the fifth spot. Although all the news websites listed here are often closely compared by quality and success, we did rank them using a few less known methods. We measure success by the number of visitors and the quality by the volume of engagement on the website. While writing on The Guardian Sports is very good to say the least, it is on the fifth spot for these reasons.
  • You can’t do better than a website completely dedicated to football (or soccer as they call it in the U.S.). You can read all the latest news from the matches happening right now as well as professional insights and popular opinions from the club representatives. This site is being updated very often throughout every single day. So make sure to give it a try if you are not as happy with your sports news provider.
  1. CNN Sport
  • CNN is not the type of a website you would go visit for some good European football. It’s probably not even the first thing you’d think about while you imagine yourself flipping through the morning newspapers and sipping your coffee. However, a lot of the news are very fresh on the CNN Sport site and those about football are first in the offered menu. News are often written by the top European journalists alongside the American ones. Besides football, other sports are present- mostly the ones the American public is interested in.
  1. ESPN
  • ESPN claims to be a “worldwide leader in sports”. That is some very big claims. However,  does ESPN live up to what they promise? We visited the website and saw that they are calling football soccer. It is normal for the US media to do so. Other popular US sports are present as well and this time they are listing Soccer at the fourth place in their menu, which is to say they are actually going after the American visitors and not the worldwide visitors. Nonetheless, this portal is very well kept up to date and will provide quality content to its readers. Everyone who wants to be in the know must take a look at it for original insights.
  1. BBC Sport
  • BBC Sport has a long history in reporting about the sports events, especially football. In its roots lies the Premier League who is basically in their backyard. It lists football on it’s first spot on the menu after the home page button and that says a lot about the focus of the whole website. They know that football is one of the largest and most popular sports in the whole of Europe and largely- the world. BBC Sport provides live reactions for ongoing matches which means they are the news in their prime. Never avoid this media to get the best of the best journalism out there.
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