Football is arguably the most popular sport in the world, except that you will most likely have no arguments about it. The numbers do not lie, and in this case, many people, fans, especially, will tend to agree. Football is also a sport which is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Punters love betting on football, and most do so regularly, on a daily basis, even. Well, they do not bet daily, but do research and follow various matches and leagues. They often browse online bookmakers, in search of promotional codes, like this EvoBet bonus 2019, hoping to get a discount.

If fans get the chance to watch football live, then that opportunity is almost always taken. While matches cannot be always watched in person, a television broadcast often helps, and if not that, then streaming. Here are the best streaming services if you plan on watching football online.


This application or streaming service, however you want to put it, does a lot for you. It offers not just a single sport, but multiple ones. When it comes to football, you can watch some of the best leagues in the world, from the US Major League to the tier 1 European league, like the Premier League, Serie A. there are plenty of other sports to choose from, so this streaming service is one of those which you might want to check out, especially if you care about more than just football.

First Row Sports

A site which is free you say? Yes, it is free, but like most free sites, it comes with a caveat, meaning ads. Though, it is worth noting that the ads are not intrusive and can be closed with a simple click. On top of that, you get to enjoy a clean and simple interface which can easily be used to find not just football, but also other popular sports, basketball and hockey, to name a few. The stream quality is also pretty decent.


This site is similar to, but in the sense that it adds a chat option, something which people really like and hate at the same time. Chatting with likely minded individuals is always nice, but chatting with people who needlessly hate all the time can be really, really annoying. Twitch chat is considered to be a special beast which oftens parrots a certain phrase or spams an emote. If you can put up with that or even better, if you enjoy it, then Stream2Watch is the right service for you.


This site started as a cricket streaming site but due to the popularity of cricket and better management, they expanded to support multiple sports, football being among them. They offer their streaming services for free and the site is extremely easy to navigate and use.

These are some of the best sites which you can use to watch football live. Never miss out on an important match if you are not close to a TV, but internet access instead.

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