After the ball and some protective gear, such as the helmet, shoulder pads and of course the jockstrap, the cleats come next on the list of essential items needed to play football. While there are many types of cleats, they all share a common purpose, and that is to provide additional traction on a slippery surface. The studs on a football boot are made of metal, plastic or rubber, and their shape and number will vary depending on their purpose — they are used for firm and dry terrains, muddy terrains, as well as rainy weather. Let’s see what are the most popular football boots brands out there, shall we?


Nike is not only a major name in the industry of sports gear, but their swoosh logo is also one of the most recognizable brands across the globe. The company was founded in 1964 and has a long history of designing, developing and manufacturing sports gear such as footwear, equipment, apparel and accessories. Their Phantom VSN-Pro FG, Hypervenom III Elite FG and Mercurial Vapor 360 Elite FG are just some of the more popular choices among athletes.


Who would have thought that a dispute between two brothers would lead to the creation of Adidas and Puma brands? However, when it comes to football boots, it is the former that prevails. Adidas can boast with a long history of quality sports gear as it was founded in 1924 by Adolf “Adi” Dassler. Their extensive experience in the field has led them to some of the most outstanding football cleats out there, such as their Copa 19.1, NEMEZIZ 18+ and Predator 19+.

New Balance

They might be called New Balance, but their brand has a history that is longer even than the one of Adidas. New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley. Today, they are one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing sports footwear. Currently, Tekela Pro FG and Furon 4.0 Pro FG are their best models.


Umbro was founded in 1924 by Harold and Wallace Humphrey. Its headquarters are in Greater Manchester, England, and they sell their merchandize in more than 90 countries across the globe. For a short period of time, from 2007–2012, Umbro was a subsidiary of Nike. Despite their long history, Umbro began producing football boots in 1986. One of their best models is the Velocita 4 Pro Soft Ground and some of the most popular football boots come from their UX Accuro series.


Shape, traction, comfort, durability and, naturally, appearances are what characterizes a quality boot. In addition to the few brands we included, you may also want to check out other sports brands, such as Puma, Hummel, Lotto, Diadora and Under Armour.

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