Football as a sport is always fun to watch and everyone who is a fan is looking forward to every new tournament. Bookmakers are also looking forward to new tournaments. Football in the world of betting is a primary source of income. Every betting site has odds for football matches so bookmakers are also looking forward to the 2019 tournaments.

Since bookmakers and football fans are all looking forward to 2019, here are the tournaments to watch.

FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup

Even though women’s football is not as popular as men’s, the Women’s World Cup is an event definitely worth watching. This world cup will take place in France between 7th June and 7th July. The tournament has 24 participating countries divided into 6 groups of 4 teams. The best two teams of each group advance to the knockout stages, as well as the best third place teams out of 4 groups. The knockout stages are simple, with every victorious team moving forward. There is also a third-place match played after the semifinals, additionally to the finals.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is an annual competition which takes place in Europe. The best teams from Europe compete against one another for shot at the title. There are 7 groups of 4 teams, making it a 28 team competition. It is already underway, with matches being played on a regular basis. After the group stage is over, teams proceed to the knockout stage, 16 of them. The rest plays out similarly to the World Cup, with a winner being crowned, usually around June or July, depending on the schedule.

Premier League

The English Premier League is always a fun league to watch as the top 20 teams from England never fail to deliver. While not strictly a tournament, the top 4 teams from the league qualify for the Champions League. Like every season, the Premier League offers top-tier football and decides on the four English teams which will compete in the Champions League, and is a good place to do research on football teams.

Copa Del Rey

This is a Spanish tournament which is held annually, to crown a champion and decide which teams from the Spanish side of things will go to the Europa League, a tier behind the Champions League. Regardless of that opportunity, every club wants to be the king of football in Spain, and so far, Barcelona is in the lead, with 30 titles.  

These are some of the most entertaining and rewarding football tournaments that you can watch in 2019. There are more, as there are plenty of leagues in almost every European country and throughout the world. No year is dull for football fans.

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